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Polar Bear Posse – Divas!

It has taken a month to get these photos edited and sent to the participants! A new dog takes up so much time.

A month ago, I attended a fantastic even at the Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. It was a fund raiser for the Pride Ride a 600 km, 4 day, ride from Toronto to Montreal. Amateur and Professional entertainers performed, I enjoyed the show and took some photos. During the “down” time I also had a small photo booth for anyone who wanted a photo or two.
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23 May 2016

Friends for Life Bike Rally #17 – Day 6 Part 2

Montreal Arrival – After 6 days of riding, the riders and crew celebrate their arrival in Montreal.

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30 Aug 2015

Friends for Life Bike Rally #17 – Day 6 – Part 1

Lancaster to Montreal

Last day of The Ride! An early morning breakfast, final packing up of tents and gear, and a special surprise for the morning warm-up – then the riders departed for Montreal! Photo ops at the Quebec border. Many riders stopped at a favourite cafe not long before the gathering point outside of Montreal.

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30 Aug 2015

Friends for Life Bike Rally #17 – Day 5

Johnstown to Lancaster:

We had our first rain of the week this morning. Luckily, for all the camping gear, it started after we were packed up for the day. Unluckily for the riders, and my camera, it was very heavy rain for awhile. There are some very foggy pictures thanks to wet lenses! Luckily it didn’t last all day and by lunch, and definitely by the time we hit the Dairy Queen ( a portion of sales going to PWA) it was hot and sunny again.
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25 Aug 2015

Friends for Life Bike Rally #17 – Day 4 – Top Fund Raisers

Kingston to Johnstown.

Day 4 was a day of celebrations.
Some may have celebrated their refreshed state after sleeping on real beds, having long showers and air conditioned rooms overnight!
At breakfast we celebrated the “David Linton Spirit of the Rally” Award Nominees and the award winner was announced. Congratulations to Robb Walker for this recognition of his efforts and contributions to the Rally.
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17 Aug 2015

Friends for Life Bike Rally – Day 3

Adolphustown to Kingston / Red Dress Day:
To commemorate the original red ribbon campaign everyone is encouraged to wear red on this day. Riders and Crew are very enthusiastic about this day and the wardrobe choices are phenomenal! Only 54 km riding into Kingston where we stay in residence at Queen’s University. Cheers for beds and hot showers and air conditioning! (Sorry to whoever it was I almost froze out on the other side of the shared bathroom).
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12 Aug 2015

Friends for Life Bike Rally – Day 2

Port Hope to Adolphustown:
A very dewy and the first of many early morning wake-ups. We had a glorious sunrise over the cliff edge at the Haskill’s Farm and City’s Breakfast Television was on site ready to interview! Day 2 is the longest distance for the riders. About 130 km to Adolphustown including a ferry ride just before the camping destination. Unfortunately the ferry service was reduced and Carey and I were very far back in the line of cars waiting to cross. We decided the wait would be at least an hour and to drive around was about the same, so we drove around – too bad we hung around for awhile before making that decision!
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10 Aug 2015

Friends for Life Bike Rally #17 – Departure Day

Departure Day!

Early morning meet at Allan Gardens, Downtown Toronto. Riders and crew had to check-in, various speeches and announcements, a fabulous glitter blessing and the riders were off! Read more…

7 Aug 2015

Friends For Life Bike Rally #17

Late last year a friend and co-worker encouraged me to to volunteer as photographer for the 17th Annual Friends For Life Bike Rally to take place July 25 – July 31, 2015 (#F4LBR17). I agreed. I had no idea what I had actually agreed to do. I’d seen pictures from prior rides. I knew that there was camping involved, I knew a lot of people were involved. But I had no idea what it would really be like. I attended some pre-rally events – The Launch Party, a Training Ride, the “Big” Meeting. The pre-rally events did not prepare me for the actual event.
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4 Aug 2015

Old Car City

Old Car City in White, Georgia is an eighty year old car junk yard turned tourist attraction. Maybe not appealing to the general tourist, for the photographer it’s an amazing spot to spend some time. I was only able to spend about an hour there and wish it could have been so much more. I will have to find my way there another time. The property has over 6 miles of trails that meander through 80 years worth of discarded cars and other vehicles.

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19 Apr 2015
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